Hey Dar - what's your artwork about?

Dar B Art is an expression of the beauty that's sometimes overlooked in today's society.

Colourful, fresh & individualized artwork for clients wanting to fill a space and lift the atmosphere in any particular enviroment. Shop fronts, entry halls, outdoor settings etc...

I want my art pieces to be affordable to most, hence why there is the means to purchase the original for a personal collection or a print at a margin of the price for a more cost effective gift for a friend or loved one or simply for oneself..!

To me 'art' is such an expressive medium and positive way to share with others. I truly enjoy my work! The people I continue to meet through different ventures and opportunities I'm truly grateful for.

The online brand line and shop is something I'm very excited about, this is giving me an outlet for the passion I have for art and accommodating to those wishing to support the line. 

What do you mean Dar?

By wearing or displaying the products, you're not only obviously supporting our art work but are also helping to share with others your support for the positives we're intending to put out into the world, love & acceptance of humanity.

With life's up and downs I believe we are all trying our best at something and despite what we are 'taught' to think & feel in our own life, we're all seeking to be authentic in some way.

~The ability to hear through the noise that surrounds us.~